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Returns & Refunds

What is the procedure for exchanging an item purchased from Shri Mintus Art ?

Cancellation Occurring As a Result of Decay: In the case that you get items that are defective or damaged, be sure to bring it to the notice of the delivery team at the time of delivery and register a ticket with the service centre.

Within three days, we will conduct an assessment of the damage and flaws, after which a solution will be proposed. Shri Mintus Art reserves the right to refund or replace a product if it determines that the item in question has been damaged in any way. Alternatively, the company may take any other corrective action that it deems appropriate to address the issue.

Cancellation in the Event that the Item Purchased Is Incorrect In the event that the item purchased does not meet the conditions of the initial order, immediately raise the issue and register a complaint with the support centre.

Cancellation in the Event that the Requirements Have Been Modified: Within the first twenty-four hours after making an order, you have the option to cancel your order for any goods and get a complete refund. Once the 24-hour window has gone, we are unable to accept any cancellations at this time. Cancellation, on the other hand, may only take place after the product has entered either the manufacturing or pre-production phase. It is not possible to cancel an order after it has been processed and sent from the national or regional warehouse.

Due to the fact that orders for decor, furniture, lamps, and lighting are sent directly from the vendor’s warehouse to the customer, cancellations and refund requests for these items cannot be honoured. Because of this, claims for refunds or cancellations are not entertained after it has been established that the purchase has been made.

The problem with the damage or defect must be addressed or reported within the next 72 hours. Claims for damage or defects will not be taken into consideration after the deadline has passed.

In the case that customers experience damage or a problem with sensitive products, they are obliged to provide videos of themselves unpacking the items.

For any more information, kindly get in touch with us via our customer care hotline or send in a request for help.

Returns and Refunds In the event that you are eligible for a refund, you will receive it in accordance with the following policies and procedures:

The collection of all cancelled items from your location or the location of the client is a must for any and all refunds and replacements to be issued.

A refund will be completed within two to three days of the returned items being received at the warehouse where they were stored.

Cash, NEFT, or the mode of payment that was used initially will all be acceptable for refunds.

Processing costs could be deducted from the total price of the order in certain circumstances.


The inherent termite and borer concerns, as well as any manufacturing defects, are covered by the one-year warranty.

The following are not covered under this limited warranty:

During the process of cleaning, there is a possibility that nicks, scratches, and other forms of damage may occur.

Damage that occurs as a result of an incorrect installation of a product breaks as a result of random movement

When wood is subjected to elements such as direct sunlight and water, the material deteriorates and loses its integrity.

Over time, even strong timbers will develop microscopic fissures that are known as checks. Due to the fact that these fractures do not have an impact on the product’s longevity, the warranty provided by the manufacturer does not cover them.

The industry regulations allow for a maximum unevenness of 5 millimetres, which is caused by the variances in level between the surface and the floor. In this predicament, there is no assurance of anything.

The guarantee does not extend to the coverings, which include upholstery and cushion covers.

Together with you, our support and delivery teams will cooperate to guarantee that the installation process goes off without a hitch.

Free shipping is only offered for the first delivery attempt made to the address you provided for the package to be sent to. In the case that a customer’s delivery is missed, the client will be responsible for paying an extra price for the installation of the product.

In case your apartment building does not have a service elevator, the delivery company will only bring the packages down to the main floor of your building. (if it is relevant)

There is an extra charge for deliveries delivered on the weekend or during certain periods of the day.

After the order has been delivered to the nearest delivery point and you have not yet received the things, we will retain them for 14 days. After that time period, Shri Mintus Art is free to charge you additional fees for extended storage.

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